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Long view solar panels

We offer an economical Single Access Solar Tracker with built in Solar Cleaning and Cooling System. Our Patented Solar Panel Cleaning and Cooling System can also be added to your existing solar tracking system or fixed mount racking system.

The combined cooling, cleaning and tracking operations of this system will result in a 50% increase in electrical power generation over a typical fixed, flat mount solar racking system!

Why Cool and Clean

Numerous studies have proven that frequent solar panel cleaning will result in a 10-50% increase in electrical output, depending on location, climate and angle of mounting. Keeping the panels cool will also result in an increase in electrical output. It is a proven technical fact that the electrical output of solar panels degrade from heat by approximately .4% for every one degree Celcius rise in panel temperature.

Our panels will be coated before installation with a nano-technology product that gives the glass a non-stick surface which allows the dirt to be washed off with a moderate water flow, eliminating expensive and time consuming cleaning with a scrub brush and soap.

In very warm climates, the surface glass of the panel can exceed 75 degrees Celsius, resulting in a significant drop in electrical output. By computer controlling the approximately water being incrementally sprayed on the solar panel surface, it is possible to keep the average temperature to 25 °C, thereby reducing the power output loss from heat to zero. Also, this constant water cooling will keep the panel clean for a zero loss from dirt. When combined with our tracking feature,this results in an overall improvement in electricity harvest of approximately 50% over solar installations that do not incorporate the Accurate Solar Cleaning Cooling System!

3515 Edison Way #B

Menlo Park, CA 94025

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