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Accurate Solar Power offers an economical single-axis solar tracking system with built-in cleaning and cooling functions.

The combined cooling, cleaning and tracking operations of this system could potentially result in a 50% increase in electrical power generation compared to a typical fixed-tilt solar system.

Our patented products can also be added to your existing solar tracking or fixed-tilt system.

Frequent solar panel cleaning: ~10-30% increase in electrical output*


Keeping the panels cool: ~20% production increase by compensating temperature-related losses** and keep the system closer to its optimal STC power output.

Combined cooling, cleaning and tracking features of the ASP7 system could result in a 50% production increase of your solar system!

What we do

Why Cool and Clean?

*depending on location, climate and tilt angle.
**under sun exposure, the surface temperature of the panel can exceed 75°C, resulting in a significant electrical power output drop.