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ASP7 Single-Axis Solar Tracker

  • Modular design

    • 10' wide x 40' long solar with (18) typical 77" x 39" solar PV panels

    • Other configurations: (12) 500W panels  (~6 kW)

  • ​Landscape design
    • perfect for bifacial solar modules: power increase up to ~9 kW*
  • ​Tracking bay cost** includes:

    • cooling and cleaning systems

    • solar PV panels

    • slew drive

    • SCADA system

  • Closed water system

  • Filtering and recycling

  • Spray nozzles delivering system

  • Panels coated with a nano-technology product that gives the glass a non-stick surface for more efficient cleaning. 

Smart Cleaning Cooling

Controller Module

  • Thermostat-driven cooling: 

    • ​Measures the solar panel surface temperature

    • Above 25 °C, the water pump turns on, delivering water to a pipe mounted on top and bottom of the 40' array

    • When solar panels cool down to 20 °C, the pump is turned off

  • Process keeps the temperature of the panels constant at ~25 °C***

The slew drive rotates the solar panels from east to west, tracking the sun during the day.

Pipe supplies water to the pump, after passing it through a filter, and pumps it to the solenoid valves on either side of the solar panels, delivering water to the spray nozzles.

Water Pump and Solenoid Vales


* given a 20% power boost. Depends on module manufacturer and roof/ground reflectivity.

**depending on selected solar PV panels, system cost can be as low as $2.75/Watt.

***Standard temperature for the STC output power rating of the solar panels.

A unique technology

We have been awarded the following patents:

  • US Patent: 9,200,818 B2 Enhanced Solar Panels Liquid Delivery Systems, and Associated Processes for Solar Energy Systems

  • Peoples’ Republic of China Patent: ZL 2010 8 0046328.7 Enhanced Solar Panels, Liquid Delivery Systems, and Associated Processes for Solar Energy Systems

As of this date, to our knowledge, no other company is offering a Whole System Approach to combine cooling, cleaning, and tracking features in one product.